Why oNote?


oNote is a powerful purpose-built collaborative event modeling platform that bridges the gap between technical and non-technical teams. By creating a shared language, it enables collaboration between developers and business people in ways that they have never done before. oNote provides a blueprint and helps developers to quickly and easily understand the business logic and processes of a project prior to coding. This blueprint drives your customer journey.  

Research shows that 75% of businesses admit that their projects are either always or usually “doomed right from the start.” Added to this 80% say they spend most of their time on rework. With oNote, business people can communicate exactly how they want their applications to behave as well as relay the customer needs. By empowering non-technical and technical teams to communicate and collaborate oNote helps accelerate innovation and time to market.  


oNote follows the event modeling philosophy, as such the primary elements of oNote are:

  • Events – represent the possible business processes and outcomes when the user interacts with the application.
  • Interfaces – depict what the users sees and experience and can be graphical like HTML, REST, or JOB.
  • Swim lanes - help structure and divide the interface by audience.
  • Commands – show how the users create system change and share input with the system
  • Read – helps users determine the state of the system
  • Collaboration - allows users to share their work with others in real-time  
Why oNote

oNote takes event modeling beyond a drawing tool and helps teams look realistically at all options when building a solution. It is the only platform purpose built for event modeling.

  • Enables collaboration between technical and non-technical teams creating a common language and an easy way to communicate project requirements.
  • Empowers developers by providing clear requirements as well as an accurate picture of the business needs, logic and processes prior to coding
  • Accelerates innovation by minimizing re-work and enabling developers to conceptualize what the information system should be and begin coding
  • Provides a blueprint and living document of the system requirements that can be updated and exported to share with others.
  • Improves the experience for both developers and your business people.  
About oNote

We believe the event modeling philosophy is the way that future solutions should be developed. Event modeling is a discipline that allows technical and non-technical people to align in processes.