Frequently Asked Questions

What is oNote and why do I need it?

oNote is a software platform purpose-built for Event Modeling. It creates a shared language to bridge the gap between technical and non-technical teams and enable collaboration. This is going to revolutionize your company's software development.

When will oNote be released?

We will have a beta version available in August. Sign up on our website to be notified when you can download the beta version.

Where can I sign up for oNote?

Sign-up for oNote here.

What happens after I sign-up for oNote?

Your email goes into our contact list. Our beta version will be available in August, after Kafka Summit 2020. (We recommend registering for Kafka Summit 2020, it's going to be amazing!) After it's released, we'll send you an email with a link to the download.

How much does oNote cost?

oNote will always have a free version. The version you download for beta will be the no charge version. However, as oNote grows with various features, we will offer a paid version.

Why oNote and not a whiteboard app?

oNote is a purpose built event modeling editor. Because of that, it has a constrained structure model meaning it won’t allow you to create a model that won’t work. It's collaborative, intuitive, and is an overall better experience than a simple whiteboard program.

Where is my data held?

All data for oNote in the beta version is stored locally in your web browser.

Will you offer other ways to log-in?

Currently, we support Google login. We will offer an option to sign-in with Linkedin and GitHub shortly. We want to focus more on the development of the product, so we have decided to use the most ubiquitous methods.

I have more questions.

Great! We'd love to hear from you. If you have questions, you want to provide some roadmap ideas or provide feedback on the beta version, please contact us.