Why oNote?


oNote is purpose-built for Event Modeling. The benefit of the Event Modeling process is that it saves you time – which we all know is valuable money. After using oNote’s design process, with little to no time wasted on rework.


There are plenty of apps you could use to mimic the Event Modeling process, but only oNote uses your design to generate code. This unique feature will drastically accelerate time to market and will save you money on development.


oNote will save you money in operations. Going forward, it is our plan to have an oNote documents application feature. This unique feature would allow for smooth and easy translation to security and compliance audits.

oNote Features

We believe the Event Modeling philosophy is the way that future solutions should be developed.


Connect with your team in real-time to ensure everyone is looking at the latest model and you’re all on the same page.

Swim Lanes

Swim lanes help structure the work and divide the interface by audience. It clearly denotes exactly what your customers sees vs. what your team sees.


Events represent the possible business processes and outcomes when the user interacts with your application. oNote lets you click and drag orange sticky notes to represent events.


Commands show how the users create change in the system and how they share input with the system. oNote lets you click and drag blue sticky notes to represent commands.


Read-models help users determine the state of the system. It’s the result of the command-event chain. oNote lets you click and drag green sticky notes to represent read models.


Interfaces depict what the user sees and experiences. In the oNote program, you can play are with different graphical interfaces using HTML, REST, or JOB.

oNote is the first and only platform in the world that's purpose-built for Event Modeling.

oNote Benefits

oNote is going to improve every aspect of your company's software development process.

  • Enables collaboration between technical and non-technical teams creating a common language and an easy way to communicate project requirements.

  • Empowers developers by providing clear requirements as well as an accurate picture of the business needs, logic and processes prior to coding.

  • Accelerates innovation by minimizing re-work and enabling developers to conceptualize what the information system should be and begins coding.

  • Provides a blueprint and living document of the system requirements that can be updated and exported to share with others.

  • Improves the experience for both developers and your business people.

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